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25 September 2017

Contribution to the study 2017

Thursday, September 21st was held in Rhoss the awarding of the school's excellencies of the year 2017. Rhoss supports the study, t...
18 September 2017

3D Innovation Center

The 3IT offers its partners the unique opportunity to jointly develop the field of immersive imaging technologies in a competitive...
11 September 2017

TurboPower on Cooling Post

This week we want to point out a cool article written by Cooling Post on our new TurboPower range. Enjoy the reading! Link Cooling...
04 September 2017

Choithrams Warehouse

The Choithram stores, for three decades, are among the best seven Emirates warehouses, with their high quality standards, synonymo...
28 August 2017

TeleCity Gebäude

Telecity is one of the most important telecommunications and housing centers in the region. Rhoss provides cooling for server room...
14 August 2017


Power has put on the turbo: the new TurboPOWER range is born! The new generation of chillers with oil free compressors, efficiency...
31 Juli 2017

Wasl Ballroom

Wasl Ballroom, part of the luxurious Le Meridien Airport hotel, is a special and unique project: the units that Rhoss installed in...



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