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17 Januar 2018

Reggia dei TESSALI – Ginosa (TA)

Beautiful Location where 2 THAESY 2150 heat pumps from the WinPACK products range and two Air handling units CTA ADVR 7982 and 761...
10 Januar 2018

FullPOWER VFD (1+i)

The FullPOWER range of air-cooled screw compressor chillers, already available as HE-A, SE and VFD full inverter, is now complete...
20 Dezember 2017

Ecodesign Directive

Ecodesign Directive and increasingly challenging efficiency goals. Rhoss welcomes the challenge and is ready with the new 2018 pro...
13 Dezember 2017

Salisbury District Hospital - UK

An innovative high efficiency heat-pump unit, supplied with a compact AHU, has been installed at Salisbury District Hospital Klima...
06 Dezember 2017


In November, training has been the focus of four meetings reserved to the Rhoss Italia sales force. Main themes addressed: preview...
01 Dezember 2017

Commercial Center Serfontana – Chiasso (CH)

Great job of the Rhoss team: many people involved from design department to the service. Replacement of 2 old AHUs with new air ha...
23 November 2017

RHOSS tritt in die NIBE-Gruppe ein

Die Partnerschaft des friaulischen Unternehmens RHOSS S. P. A., das von der IRSAP-Gruppe kontrolliert wird, wurde mit der Gruppe N...



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